Whitespace Management

Want more from your statements? AMEX partners Fuji Xerox to generate revenue from wasted space   

Research suggests statements are opened and read in more than 95% of cases, making them an ideal vehicle to boost customer loyalty and retention. American Express asked Fuji Xerox Document Management (FX DMS) Solutions to look for a way to enhance their statements, utilising unused space for targeted messaging and marketing communications.

FXDMS proposed Transactional Relationship Marketing strategies to make statements more relevant and personalized, driven by insights on demographics and spending behaviours. Enhanced Statement Messaging offers a low cost marketing channel within a communication that your customers regularly receive.

Through this implementation, AMEX has improved engagement with customers and enriched the customer's experience. Moving forward, they are looking to roll out across other markets where it can deliver a ROI and support the AMEX brand. 

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