Out-Of-Office Checklist For The Holidays - Part 2

As we've mentioned in a previous article, a simple 5-minute run through of some tasks will help you become more productive. To help you to remember all these tasks, we had created a checklist just for you.

And now that you're back from the holidays, welcome back!

It's time to do the following:

 Turn on electronics

On your return to the office, plug in and/or turn on any equipment that was idled while you were away.

 Update your voicemail message

Change your voicemail back to your standard greeting. And check your messages if they've been accumulating during your absence.

 Turn off your email’s automated response

Before you get lost in the mountain or molehill of unread email, remember to turn off your email’s automatic out-of-office message.

 Make space in your email

If you've received any “Mailbox is full” messages look for recent attachments that may be filling up your inbox. It’s always good idea to offload any large attachments the day you return to free up space.

 Check your calendar

If you’re back early, be sure to adjust the Out of Office notice on your calendar.

 Plan for receipts

Filling out expense reports is easy to put off. Schedule some time on your calendar to tackle this task. If all of your receipts are together, the process will go much faster.

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