Make Colour Your Strategic Advantage

By every measure, colour is more effective than plain black-and-white. Colour enhances your image, attracts more attention and improves recall by making a more memorable impression. However, printing in colour adds incremental cost.

The ROI of printing in colour

There are two key factors to consider when you weigh costs versus results: the importance of the message for your business or career, and how much colour you need to get the response you want.

If you’re printing a letter with black ink on a pre-printed colour letterhead, it would be less expensive to simply print the letter along with your company logo in colour on a blank sheet of paper.

Likewise, if you’re printing a small amount of colour to emphasize the due date on an invoice, or highlight a key point you want the reader to remember, the cost of adding colour is only a fraction more than black-and-white.

When it comes to printing that needs to “work harder” or present the best possible company image, consider the value colour adds to your communications. Add colour to quotes, training materials, sales literature, handouts and reports to substantially improve their impact and response.

Colour: quantified

In April 2011, research firm Harris Interactive surveyed over 2,000 printer users in the United States. Their findings help quantify exactly how the use of colour adds value to your business and your bottom line.

Enhance your image
Appearances count. Your company and personal image has a direct affect on how your customers and colleagues perceive you. No wonder, 56% feel the most important reason to print in colour is to reinforce their professional image.

Find it more efficiently
When your company has the information customers want, make it easy to access. Make it easy to find the first time and easy to revisit again and again. 76% find that colour helps them locate information more efficiently.

Gain mind share
The competitive landscape isn’t getting any less competitive. The use of colour provides a real advantage in making your company and your message more memorable. 25% believe that information printed in colour improves retention.

Improve comprehension
Whether your concepts are simple or complex, the use of colour improves learning. 69% understand new ideas better when they’re presented in colour.

Speed payment
A little colour goes a long way. Add a colour highlight to the due date and balance due on your invoices to improve your cash flow. 43% are more likely to pay on time and 31% are more likely to pay the full amount, when critical information is highlighted in colour on an invoice.

Capture attention
Every business is challenged to counteract the information overload its customers and prospects face every day. Colour helps your communications break through. 54% report they are more likely to read documents or marketing pieces when they’re printed in colour.


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