Hue's right?

This past weekend, the internet and social media has been bursting at the seams about hue's right or wrong (forgive the pun) about the colour of a particular dress. Xerox blog chipped in with its very ownscientific assessment of the dress and its reason for so many different answers was consistent with a popular one: That everyone has different visual systems, resulting in different perceptions of colour.

That such a simple dress can create so many different opinions goes to show that colour matters to us more than we realize. This is even more so for those in the graphic communications industry. Brands that approach graphic communications players with their coloured communications want to ensure that the exact colour scheme is being followed, such that their messaging stands out from the crowd. More importantly, they want to convey the exact message and create the desired response from their target customers. This is the same for corporations who print their own customer facing coloured communications.

What if they want to better improve their results?

To help them, Fuji Xerox has been providing the following to corporations and graphic communications providers alike:
1.) A comprehensive range of colour management solutions
2.) Printing systems with internationally recognized certification (Fogra certification)
3.) Consultancy services from a team of Fogra certified colour experts

Want to make your customer communications more vibrant, resulting in more satisfied customers and bringing in greater Marketing ROI? Find out more or talk to us and get linked up with the right experts for you.

In case you are still wondering what the real colour of the dress is, see it for yourself!


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