How To Undo Send on Gmail Accounts

Typing... typing... typing... hit SEND. Then the awful realisation that the email you had sent out was just not ready yet dawns upon you.


Now, if you had been sent it via Microsoft Exchange, you could just quickly recall it, hopefully before the email was opened by the other party. But you've sent it via your Gmail account! Now what?

This is a problem that many SMEs (especially start-ups) face, since Gmail is a free and great email server that fits their business needs. But not to worry, thanks to a Business Insider article, we've found a cool hidden feature in Gmail Labs that allows you to undo a sent email up to 30 seconds after you've hit "Send". So this allows you to breathe just a little bit easier when sending out emails via Gmail!

Just follow this simple 1-minute process to enjoy this free Labs feature.

Step 1 & 2:
Click the gear icon near the top right button and select "Settings" from the drop down list. 

Step 3:
Select the "Labs" tab

Step 4:
Scroll all the way down to almost the bottom to find the "Undo Send" app and select "Enable". Save the settings and you are good to go!

Step 5:
From now on, whenever you send an email, a dialogue would appear for the default 10 seconds*, which allows you to click "Undo". When you click on it, the email message would open up unsent.

*You can change the settings of the dialogue to up to 30 seconds, just go to Settings>General>Undo Send and change the send cancellation period

There is just one thing to note though, as this is in Gmail Labs, it is an experimental feature that may disappear or change at any time as it is not ready for primetime yet. Nonetheless, still a useful feature to have for now!


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