10 Ways to Redesign Your Workspace

The environment we work in matters. We spend more at least 8 hours every weekday. It has a direct impact on the results we achieve. Although we can’t control every aspect of our work environment, every improvement provides an incremental positive effect.

If you have been feeling this way, it is definitely time to redesign your workspace.
Here are ten ideas to keep your business moving forward.

1. Arrange for productivity

A comfortable, functional workspace is a prerequisite for productivity. But is your office arranged to facilitate your work? If interaction and collaboration are key to your success, a more open office layout will help. If your work requires individual, concentrated focus, a quiet space with minimal distractions may be best. Consider your primary tasks and design your office to go with the flow.

2. Upgrade to digital

How many hours a week do you spend finding the right papers? Convert your printed documents to digital files. They’re easier to archive, retrieve and secure. There are many cloud storage providers which help make the management of these digital files easy. Fuji Xerox's Working Folder is one such cloud storage provider, which also allows you to link up to your all-in-one copier so that you can scan documents directly into the right folder.  
Imagine your office without all those bulky file cabinets and file drawers filled with paper.

3. Reduce fatigue and discomfort

An ergonomic workspace not only improves productivity and morale. Employees who work in comfortable environments have fewer lost days and compensation claims related to on-the-job injury.

4. Invest in technology

Once the basic needs of a safe, comfortable, well-lit, well-ventilated workplace are met, nothing boosts productivity like technology. In addition to the functional improvements new technology brings to your business, it also affects job satisfaction, morale and employee retention.

A computer upgrade provides an immediate and notable productivity boost for its user. A new Fuji Xerox printer does the same for your whole workgroup. If your printer is three years old or more, your workgroup is losing productivity. An upgrade to the advanced printing technology from Fuji Xerox will improve your output— quantity and quality.

5. Lighten it up

Natural light boosts energy and engagement. Unfortunately, not every office is graced with rows of windows. If natural light is sparse, try to arrange common areas around it, so more people can share its benefits. If possible, adjust overhead lighting when needed to reduce the eye strain and headaches it causes some workers. Good illumination can
often be accomplished with task lighting.

6. Keep things moving

Part of being comfortable and productive is staying flexible. If your work keeps you computer-bound for long periods take a quick break and get your circulation going. Many office workers are opting for higher desktop counters, so they can stand or sit on a stool while working. Changing positions and movement helps keep you energized and productive.

7. Reduce your commute

Not everyone can work effectively from home. But if you have the option, give it a try. You may be surprised how productive the change can be. There’s a different dynamic. Usually fewer interruptions and less stress. Give it a trial run.
At the end of the day take a moment to reflect on how things went. Which tasks were most productive? Was anything complicated by being out of the office? With a few adjustments, you can make things virtually seamless.

8. Set the tone

Company culture affects attitudes, morale, productivity and more. The boss has a major responsibility to set the tone, but every employee can lead by example. Work toward an environment that welcomes fresh ideas, diverse perspectives and open communication.

9. Fine tune by degree

A common complaint among office workers is temperature. Research has shown that productivity is highest when temperatures are set at 20 to 22°C. However, tastes and activity levels of individual workers vary. What’s ideal for one person may be uncomfortable to another. Set the air conditioning temperature within the recommended range.

10. Choose sustainability

Green business and personal practices reduce pollution, energy consumption and waste. When you demonstrate leadership in social responsibility it serves your community, stakeholders and colleagues.

For more information on how we can help you remodel your workplace to raise productivity at work, drop us a note at http://www.fujixerox.com.sg/contact/online-forms/request-pricing.


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